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Modern customizable ERP business solutions with the powerful and unique ability to preserve modifications through the update cycle.

AddonSoftware® is a cost-effective, modular, full-featured and fully integrated enterprise resource planning solution for mid-market industries.

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Cloud Computing
Software Asset Management

Continuous Software Management

Cloud Computing

AddonSoftware Cloud Services, built on the Barista and BBj foundation, is a new and simpler way of deploying and upgrading your enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. 

The BASIS Software Asset Management (SAM) Plan guarantees availability of the most current BASIS products and gives you the ability to upgrade your license(s) to the most recent product revision and receive software enhancements, bug fixes, and compatibility with the most current operating system or Java technology.

1. Cost Effective ERP Solutions

 2. Fully Integrated Customizable

3. On-Premise Or In the Cloud

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Barista® Application Framework

BASIS takes a new productivity leap forward in GUI development with the Barista® Application Framework. Barista is BASIS' GUI-only data dictionary-driven development framework and runtime engine. 

Customer-specific Solutions 

One size fits all? The expertise of a successful
company is visible in its business processes.
Successful companies who use better
processes can recognize and meet the desires
of their customers faster and in a more
customer-friendly way than their competitors,
making that tiny, critical difference.

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