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Trailer Manufacturing Screen Shopts


The Trailer Manufacturing module is a companion product to the AddonSoftware Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.  Combined with Addon’s Accounting and Distribution Bundles, it provides an excellent solution for manufacturers requiring a system capable of generating quotes/work orders using predefined Bill of Materials (Trailer Master, Build Assemblies, Trailer Options) and Templates for Cutting Steel.

Processing consists of creating and tracking the three types of work orders and using Shipment Management to complete getting the finished goods to the customer. Each of the tasks interface along the way with the AddonSoftware Modules to create customer quotes, as well as required shipping documents and customer invoices, all the while keeping your inventory availability up to date.


Trailer work orders are retained after completion for historical uses. Quickly create new orders from an existing one.


Trailer Master features appear in four tabs, Trailer Information, VIN Information, Trailer Detail and Standard Options.


Print MSOs, VIN Tags, Tire Tags, Shipping Documents directly from Shipment Management.

Work Order Report...

Select and print work orders based on order number range and/or worker status

Assembly Orders Report…

Shows status for a range of assembly build orders.

Cut Steel Orders Report…

Shows status for a range of cut steel orders.

Trailer and VIN Tags Screen Shots


  •  The Preview Button, on the all the work order entry forms, will generate a “traveler” for the respective order.  These can then be output or emailed using Barista Document Processing.

  • Another great feature of the Trailer Manufacturing system is the Initiate Invoice button on the Shipment Management form.  Once all the shipment tasks are completed you can use it to generate Invoicing data in the Addon Order Processing module.

  • Like all the Addon Modules the Trailer Manufacturing Module has context sensitive help.

Shipments Status Report…

Shows status for all or a range of shipments.

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