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AddonSoftware by Barista

A cost-effective, modular, full-featured, and fully integrated enterprise resource planning solution.

Companies using AddonSoftware enjoy The Freedom to Grow because of its lean efficiency, scalability, ease of customization,
and ability to facilitate the preservation of existing customizations through the upgrade cycle. It provides a core set of accounting, distribution, and manufacturing building blocks that we can then tailor the meet the exacting business requirements of our customers.

Accounting Photo

General Ledger, the cornerstone of your AddonSoftware accounting system, smoothly Integrates with other applications for automatic posting of general ledger transactions, no double posting. For easy data access, this module includes a full-featured financial report generator. General Ledger provides an accurate, detailed record of all entries, providing a complete audit trail of all accounts whenever you need it. The General Ledger module includes these features and benefits:

  • Effectively handles up to 100 companies with consolidation.

  • Defines up to 26 budgets.

  • Offers easy-to-use financial report formatting.

  • Posts to multiple periods/years - leave last year open for 12 full months.

  • Supports allocation, recurring, and reversing journal entries.

  • Outputs financial statements directly to spreadsheets.

  • Posts in detail or summary.

  • Defines accounting periods with complete flexibility, from 1 to 13 periods.

  • Maintains unit quantities and dollar amounts in any account number for statistical reporting purposes.

  • Provides flexible account number structure – up to 10 alphanumeric characters in 5 segments in addition to 2-digit company code.

  • Customized budgets

  • Easy to-use reports

  • Flexible account structure

Accounts Payable, the module that responsible for efficient cash flow management, is critical to any company’s health. This function is accomplished with ease and accuracy. You’ll be in complete control of payables tracking, accounting, and check writing functions. Reduce expenses and save time with system generated checks, manual checks, and reversed checks, regardless of the size of your company. The Accounts Payable module includes these features and benefits:

  • Accommodates temporary vendors.

  • Tracks multiple bank accounts for multiple divisions or departments.

  • Allows multiple accounting periods at the same time.

  • Integrates full cash reconciliation with Accounts Receivable

  • Selects invoices for payment by due date, payment group, or specific vendor.

  • Makes partial payments with ease.

  • Tracks all transactions by operator.

  • Customizes your system with your own terms codes, payment groups, department codes.

  • Manages payables with the Cash Requirements report.

  • Temporary vendors

  • Audit trail

Accounts Receivable, provides your company accurate and complete control of receivables, efficient cash collection.  It’s an easy-to-use system with powerful capabilities for processing invoices, cash receipts, statements, and customer reports. It also tracks and controls customer historical information accurately and in detail. Track your receivables status promptly with the Aging Report and resolve disputes through complete invoice and payment history reporting. You can also access finance charges and selectively generate statements. Enhance your collection efforts by emailing or faxing invoices or statements to your customers including copies of historical invoices. Age customer accounts by any date and print a detail or summary list of open invoices in either customer number or name sequence. The system maintains an aging and sales summary for each customer showing average days to pay, dates of last invoices and payment, highest credit balance, historical sales, costs, and gross profit margin. The Accounts Receivable module also includes these features and benefits:

  • Automatic cash receipts application.

  • Convenient data conversion and direct invoicing.

  • Multiple definable customer ship-to addresses.

  • Direct invoicing,

Distribution Warehouse

Inventory Control, the module at heart of the distribution bundle, provides accurate, current information to help keep stock levels low enough to minimize costs, yet high enough to achieve customer service goals. Inventory Control provides real-time updating of inventory balances for real-time inventory availability, commitments, planned ship dates, and expected receipts. Safety stock, economic order quantity (EOQ), and order points automatically calculate for every inventory item to reduce asset investment and increase inventory turns. The Inventory Control module includes these features and benefits:

  • Maintains serial or lot number inventory

  • Manages product pricing and costing at the warehouse level

  • Calculates EOQ and order points by warehouse

  • Tracks average cost, standard, most recent, FIFO, LIFO; for lots/serial numbers, actual cost

  • Processes physical inventory cycle counts

  • Produces detailed transaction history for analysis and reconciliation

Purchase Order Processing, the module that  handles the complete spectrum of purchasing tasks, from replenishment analysis through payment. Automatic replenishment processing creates a suggested buy report that is used to determine what, when, and how much to buy to get the best purchase price and achieve your customer service targets. Enter and track your purchase requisitions, purchase orders, and purchase receipts through a set of entry forms designed for consistency and ease of use. For maximum efficiency, a single purchase order can accommodate multiple shipments of the same item using multiple required dates. Similarly, multiple purchase order receipts may be applied against a single purchase order. The Purchase Order Processing module includes these features and benefits:

  • Accesses information with quick and easy look ups

  • Supports flexible pricing capabilities

  • Converts quotes to orders with one keystroke

  • Commits and schedules inventory automatically

  • Allows multi-warehouse order picking

  • Supports counter sales

  • Tracks lot/serial numbers

  • Facilitate replenishment planning and generate automatic purchase orders

  • Maintains detailed purchase order history

  • Creates suggested back order fill report for cross-docking

Sales Order Processing provides everything required to handle orders quickly and efficiently. The order entry program provides an instant snapshot of a customer's credit status and displays back ordered and shipped quantities to accurately report the order’s current status. Ordered items may be tied to specified lots or serial numbers in your inventory. As with purchase orders, the sales order system interfaces with the inventory control module to keep quantities accurately up-to-date and also allows committing or releasing future orders. The price quote function enables pricing review and checks item availability and facilitates quickly converting quotes to orders. Use the credit review and release process to eliminate shipping noncollectable invoices before more products are shipped.

Sales Analysis module delivers a complete, timely, and accurate sales history for an unlimited number of years. Sales dollars, units, costs, and gross profit margins are accessible for each period of the fiscal year selected. The document output system delivers professional looking reports to view, fax, save, or archive in multiple report formats for analysis, charting, or other collaborative uses.

Clock Works Image

The Manufacturing bundle provides an ideal solution for any type of manufacturing environment – make-to-stock, make-to-order, or mixed mode – providing accurate tracking of work in process, streamlined scheduling, and excellent tracking of manufacturing costs. The manufacturing bundle includes Bill of Materials and Shop Floor Control with scheduling along with the complete Accounting and Distribution bundles. The Manufacturing bundle provides for multiple warehouses with costs, prices, buying, replenishment, and item history by warehouse. It includes complete lot/serial number tracking throughout the manufacturing and distribution process and the output of reports, sales invoices, customer statements, vendor POs, etc. via e-mail or fax, or output in HTML or Adobe® PDF format at any time.

The Shop Floor Control module uses work orders to collect, store, track, and report the costs of material, labor, overhead, and outside purchases relating to the manufacture of an item or batch of items. The module is fully integrated, and information automatically flows into other application modules including Bill of Materials, Inventory Control, and Purchase and Sales Order Processing. Work order history is preserved indefinitely by manufactured part number and transaction. Release Work Order function incorporates a grid that highlights any shortages Load Balance Inquiry presents real-time filtering and graphical charting.

The Bill of Materials application provides unlimited levels of material usage and has features that easily define and track material, labor, subcontract, and overhead costs. Manufacturing cost accuracy is one of the system’s primary strengths. Built-in flexibility allows you to define your materials in any unit of measure and adjust factors for scrap and yield making accurate material requirements.


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Employees expect accurate, on-time paychecks. But today’s work environment requires an often confusing array of pay structures, from per diems to piecework. Multiple pay structures and deductions can sometimes be challenging, but you can count on the AddonSoftware Payroll application to satisfy your complex requirements with a flexible, easy-to-use payroll processing solution.

A flexible design allows you to define an unlimited number of earnings, deductions, taxes, and employer contributions of almost any type: 401(k) deferrals, bonuses, piece rates, and all the standard earnings types. Each employee can have taxes and employee contributions for multiple states and localities.

The AddonSoftware Payroll module fully integrates with the Accounting bundle:

  • General Ledger

  • Accounts Payable

  • Accounts Receivable

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